• 1 month ago

Corvallus Winslow checking in with da Simply Confess family. Driving back from Miami last night I texted my friend Lucretius and told him I was in the area. He said he was having a party and I should “come through”.

When I arrived there was about a dozen black bucks there and they looked at me like a pork chop or a bucket of fried chicken! After an Alize chocolate jizzlesticks came out and I’m taking on every single one of these Niggers!

By buck #10 or 11 my boycunt is sore and spasming out but then came Big Ty with his black Pringles can cock and I was on cloud 9!

‘Rone wrecked my ass, I drove my Mazda Miata home sitting on a pillow with about a gallon of nigger jizzlejuice leaking out of me.

Forget Domingo, Ty takes the top prize for king cock of Miami.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Powerbottom,
Corvallus Winslow III

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