• 7 months ago

I’m a girl from the UK and in high school, I look much, much older than my age, having a more developed body and all around a mature personality. I’m tall, my hair is shaved at the sides and I have a man bun looking thing with my septum pierced (school hates me for it) so yeah, I’m much older looking which makes this story more understandable. Anyway, I’m quite popular and get a lot of attention off boys but none of them really catch my eye. But there’s this one guy, slicked back black hair, piercing blue eyes and his ears stretched a big (my type of guy) but trouble is, he is my graphic design teacher. I’ve been taught by him for a while and we’ve always got along very well, we have the same taste in music and we’re both passionate about drawing and we have very similar humour. I develop quite a hard crush over this guy and to my shock he is rather flirtatious with me. I find him looking at me often in the hallway and smiling at me lots of the time. Anyway, I stay after school to get some work for his class done and I’m quietly getting along with it. I happen to also be the only one in the room along with the teacher. He starts a conversation with me by asking what I’m listening to etc etc, the conversation then led to me telling him he’s probably the only teacher I get along with (I have a lot of problems with teachers in other classes) and he seems quite happy over this. One thing leads to another. We’re both in the art closet, me pinned against a wall and us both making out. Something just felt incredibly right about it, and I could tell he felt the same considering how into it he was. I end up blowing him off and we exchange numbers. I get this is really strange, I’m 17 and he’s 35. But yeah, no one except us both knows and I need to get it off my chest honestly.

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