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Ok so I meet this guy online around September and we’ve been talking since. I really like talking to him and I think I’m staring to like him. He has the best personality and persona one can ask for. But sadly he lives in Florida and I’m from California. I just want to be kissed by him and held by him. But he’s so farr. What do I doo :((

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  • unfortunately long distance never works, but you shouldn’t give up on it. i spent 6 months falling in love with a girl in Washington state and i live in kentucky. i was 20 and she was 16 and we had met randomly on omegle. of course i talked to her, no intention more than talking to someone for a while, but after an hour and a half had passed we had such an easy way of talking to eachother i suggested that we take the conversation off omegle because i liked how nice it was to talk to someone with many of the same interests.

    we talked well into the next morning and every day after, her parents were strict so they diddnt allow a facebook but she had a discord so we talked on there. i learned all about her life fears insecurities relationships and she learned about mine. maby the first person ever to show that kind of attention to me. genuine interest and no judgement.

    before i knew it some 6 months had passed and we were best friends talking daily about life and had a hard time thinking of stuff some time since we talked about everything already. i knew i had fallen in love with her, and i knew i would never be able to move up to Washington to be with her. her family the laws and responsibilities were just too much. so i decided to cut contact. the last thing she said to me after i stopped talking to her we… “ok then, i hope you have a good life. take care.” and she deleted me from her discord.

    man that hurt more than anyhing. i regret not talking to her more, regardless of my love for her that i knew she couldnt reciprocate and the fact that we had nothing more to talk about. i wish i diddnt stop talking to her. its been over a year since then and i tried to find her again and i cant. no social medias anywhere and her discord isnt on my account anymore. if she ever even used it again. so she is gone. and there is nothing i can do about it.

    Anonymous January 11, 2019 9:00 am Reply
    • That’s ironic tbh because that’s exactly similar to my situation with the guys from Florida we now talk on discord and tbh he is he first person I’ve ever opened up tbh and I love it. I mean I’m 16 and he’s 17 but he such a sweet person and a geek and I love it. I mean it’s just sucks that he’s so far and I hope I never loose contact with him like you did with her. But I’m sorry to hear that from you 🙁 I hope you find some one. It’s funny our our situation is soo similar and what not but I just don’t want to loose him because he’s the freakin best. I mean I kinda new to the whole romantic relationship thing but i like him and it just sucks that he’s basically on the opposite side of America. 🙁

      Anonymous January 11, 2019 9:22 am Reply

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