• 2 years ago

My aunt by marriage came out to see me she help me get a grant. Her husband died my uncle and she came out to visit me and I told her I need to pay her back and so I brought her in my bedroom and I told her to take off all clothes and I’m going to make love to her. She looked at me and told me that she couldn’t do that with me. I told her we’re both adults and we can make anything with want. I got all of your clothes off and I started penetrating her and I asked her how long is it been since you’ve gotten off before. I started going in and out of her as fast as I possibly could and she looked up at me and I could tell she was getting off cuz she got really tight. We did that for a couple hours she must have gotten off at least 10 times. I told her she needed to stay down here with me for a couple months and she said she would and I screwed her every single day sometimes twice a day. She left here with the biggest smile on her face and said she’d be back soon. I can’t wait to make love to her even more and more and she comes back.