• 1 year ago

To: dear mom, i wish you didn’t have so many mood swings.
Me: You should print out your confession in large print and give it to your mom to read.
Your mom really needs to read this from you.
It is wasted here and your rant might make you feel better, but it won’t change things for the better for you, while your mom carries on like this.
You need to get your mom on anti depressants, as her mood swings might have something to do with change of life, as she ceases to be able to have any more children and she is probably totally unaware of how she is behaving towards you and this needs to be addressed with a visit to her doctor, with you and YOU explain to her doctor, how your mum is behaving, so he knows the scope of the problem and not a minimalistic view, from just your mom.
Your mom, once she is on anti depressants, can’t just go cold turkey and stop them when “she feels better”, she must continue on them until she is told otherwise by her doctor.
The only way to come off anti depressants is very slowly, no more than 1/4 of a tablet, a week at a time, until they are no longer part of your mum’s medication.
If she feels weird, get her back on them immediately to clear the effects, then try again, as above some weeks later – but I’ve been on anti depressants for 20 odd years and I find great comfort in them and being on them is really not a bad thing, going cold turkey – is!!
There is no other way – be very sure of that.
Best Wishes…………..