• 7 months ago

For my New Years revolution I just want to help stop Global Warming and save this world cause fuck man every time I see the news it’s just flames eating up countries, plastic choking animals to death, gas clouds everywhere cause factories.

Imma be honest this world is too polluted with blood, plastic, rubbish, and our own race. The worlds too over populated and we need to put a cap on it I’d say maximum 3 kids per couple (if you end up having quadruplets that’s fair aint your fault) and go backwards in time with plastic just shut down every plastic factory sure we’ll struggle at first but that’s all we’re doing now + we’ll find a way to get by people used to for the past 2000+ years theres a thing called biodegradable and metal.

Do me a favour:
-Recycle and make sure the product is recyclable
-Grow more fruit/veg and plants such as trees and flowers
-Use less fire and stop burning unnecessary shit
-Eat less meat
-Spread Awareness
-Think if you really NEED that thing your gonna want to buy
-Educate the kids early they’re the future as well as us
-Reach out to politicians and famous people about the environment and encourage others to help

Please Do…

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