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I tried killing myself last night by jumping off my balcony, but it didn’t work and now I’m back to square one. I’m so fucking tired of this. No one cares about me so I’m writing on a fucking confessions site about my feelings. Maybe I’ll try again soon.

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  • Don’t take it the wrong way but use a taller balcony next time. Befriend a neighbor on a higher floor.

    Anonymous June 9, 2019 9:18 pm Reply
  • Yeah it’s not gonna work from the second floor

    Anonymous June 9, 2019 10:15 pm Reply
  • Hey! That is not funny! Are you guys even serious?

    Anonymous June 10, 2019 12:33 pm Reply
  • no no no. don’t jump from a balcony there’s always the posibility you’ll end up paralyzed and then you won’t be able to try again. what you really wanna do is get a gun and blow your brains out or find some cyanide and swallow it. those are the two best surefire ways to die quick. or sit in a car with the exhaust plugged cuz that’s painless but will take some time.

    you’re not alone. i want to die too.

    Anonymous June 11, 2019 2:22 am Reply
    • i’m sorry i’m mistaken you can’t plug the exhaust you have to make sure it runs back into your vehicle and close up the windows and holes.

      Anonymous June 11, 2019 2:24 am Reply

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