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My “friends” at school. Towards the end I’ve realized what sh**bags all of them are. Two of them are edgy Tumblr kids who can’t do anything because they can’t (for example one told me that she can’t help me with a drawing project in VOLUNTARY ART CLASS because she can’t draw. Really? f***ing try like everyone else??) And the other keeps telling talking back at me when I ask or say literally anything. I could ask anything during a project and she’ll answer as if I just f***ing insulted her.

The other two are lazy and nag about EVERYTHING but don’t get involved in projects or ask the f***ing teacher. They just sit on their phones all the time nagging to others about things they literally have a chance to affect. So f***ing SHUT UP and DO. One acts as if she knew everything and as if she was the queen of everything and that HER opinion is the only one to matters. Shut up for once.

They keep talking sh** behind peoples backs for one bad thing they’ve done, make it a full length drama and make up their own stories.

They literally have started to isolate me from the group. A chance to do with group or pairs? It’s always them together. I’m not even glanced at after all the years. This f***ing once I got put in their presentation group. I FRIENDLY asked if they’ve divided the text boxes to readers. I didn’t know, they went to sit in other room every time. “Yes” they replied. “How I’ll read my and my (x friends name) slides when she’s not here?” And got the reply “It’s not our problem.” ?????? Okay, act like I’m not in the f***ing group then.

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  • Trust me, you can always find new friends the kind of people you enjoy and thrive being around.

    Anonymous May 14, 2019 11:52 am Reply

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