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I want to see my friend so much, I miss him. But I can’t see him because unless he messages me (relatively new friendship) asking to hang out then the only way I can see him is by going with my ex to their work place and I don’t really want to associate with my ex anymore to be honest, he has lost a lot of my respect. I don’t want drama created between us, my ex suspects something is going on, well, he has said ‘you two would be perfect together’ (which I disagree with, and our friend is perfectly happy being single he has made that one clear). I just miss him because I feel we are on the same page and right now in life I don’t have anyone who is and he is a very inspiring person, he goes travelling a lot and want to get to know him more and hang out.

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  • If he is your friend then he would be understanding, message him and let him know you want to meet up but it would be without your ex being present because you want a distance between you two, i’m sure he’d be okay about it, you don’t have to explain what and why if he starts asking questions even.

    Anonymous April 15, 2019 9:34 pm Reply
  • a lot of people feel alone like that and want to be closer to people who feel inspiring

    Anonymous April 15, 2019 11:45 pm Reply

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