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Dear Simply Confess,

A longtime rival of mine just snitched on me and got me suspended from school. How do you recommend I get revenge?


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  • Kill his family

    Anonymous March 14, 2019 10:52 pm Reply
  • Or you could just get used to getting in trouble for things you do wrong.

    Anonymous March 14, 2019 10:57 pm Reply
    • found the teacher’s pet

      Anonymous March 15, 2019 2:16 am Reply
  • Be cooler and funnier?

    Take up some high risk sport like destruction derby or underwater basketweaving and BE a champion, become a rockstar.

    Anonymous March 14, 2019 11:06 pm Reply
  • burn your house down… wait

    Anonymous March 14, 2019 11:23 pm Reply
  • Don’t do things you can be snitch on for.

    Anonymous March 14, 2019 11:28 pm Reply
    • Fuck that. Snitches get stitches. Pull up to his crib and let him know wtfs up.

      Anonymous March 15, 2019 2:15 am Reply
      • and if op isn’t a nigger?

        Anonymous March 15, 2019 2:17 am Reply
        • Then pull up in heelys and cargo pants and threaten your lawyer on him.

          Anonymous March 15, 2019 2:21 am Reply
  • you should have revenge sex with his mom or sister

    Anonymous March 14, 2019 11:35 pm Reply
  • -Drug them.
    -Kill them with kindness.
    -beat him/her up off school grounds cuz like that u cant get suspended but then there might be cops
    -if its a man buy them an iced coffee, smoothie or any drink and put estrogen powder/ estrogen in it and their dick should shrink. When you come back from the suspension act like you are so sincerely sorry and if you even want to: do it for the entire week! ⬅️⬅️ If you do that one please write about it on here.

    Anonymous March 15, 2019 2:44 am Reply
    • Bro, if you did that last one you’re a LEGEND

      Anonymous March 15, 2019 2:45 am Reply

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