• 5 months ago
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i just had a strong urge to end my life
i don’t really know why
i mean i’ve been so close to just taking all the pills and whenever i think about doing it i get this soft excitement in my gut and it’s weird
i guess my life isn’t that good and home but i have people that care about me but honestly i don’t feel like living is really worth it, death sounds better yeno?? i just don’t see the whole point of it i don’t know how to explain, i don’t think i’m ginnna end my life anytime soon but i want to i’m just tired
i can’t take anymore of what i have in my head
i don’t know what’s wrong with me but something is
i wish i could tell my friends so that they’re aware but i don’t know how to explain it to them to actually make them feel it yeno
nah fuck that
goodnight or good morning whatever the fuck

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