• 8 months ago

My sin list, continued..
Joyce: not sure which of us owes the other a net apology. In the end, we were both massively unfaithful on physical and emotional fronts, and your instability and lies were the ultimate downfall, not my preferences for plus sized women over your classically petite build. But it was a hot mess all around. It taught me that the only women I was of interest to were those in desperate physical need or profound emotional and mental issues as bad or worse than my own.
Valerie: I think of you so often, and not because the sex was comfortable beautiful and amazing. You were intelligent, charming, and wonderful.
Lila: we used each other because plain people deserve passion too. Calling each other’s names to the trees was lovely.
Janie: not really any regrets, whether our stifled exchanges in your office over lunch, pulling my face into your cleavage with my sperm still warm there, or the afternoon of beauty you gave me in your bed before disappearing.

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