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Copy and paste this page to your word Processor and save it on your PC, so that when it is removed from this site, you still have the skills to draw on. Pass it on to anyone else who you think it might help.

Sit down and make a list of everything you want to achieve to make yourself or your life better.
I want you to come up with Positive ideas, nothing Negative. OK.
It does not matter how many positive things you want to achieve, the more the merrier.
Once you have done that, separate a maximum of 10 Positive things you want to achieve, starting with the easiest to achieve and slowly progressing up to one Positive thing that is impossible for you to achieve at this time.
Now, Get several large sheets of brown paper (news agents sell these) and in large Capitals from 1 to 10, write each of the Positive Outcomes you want to achieve from the easiest through to the hardest on each of those sheets.
If you live alone, pin a sheet on the back of your toilet door, behind your bedroom door where you can see it from your bed and in other places where you find yourself alone.
Now each time you go to one of these places, agree with yourself to read each of the lines aloud, like a chant and with time you will remember what each line says – however keep doing the chanting until you have achieved all of the ten Goals you set.
It might take time. It might be really quick for you to achieve all of your Goals.
However, you must set yourself the task of repeating your Goals, say 10 times, or as often as you like and especially when you are down in the mouth and feel that you are overpowered and suffocated or just scared or lonely.
As you achieve each goal, cross it off your list. Each goal, no matter how small, gives you the impetuous to go on to the other Goals and achieve them, by re-programming your mind for positive outcomes.
Then write out a new list, in just the same way as the earlier 10 Positive Outcomes and do it all over again. You will probably find that your 10 new Positive Outcomes have changed as your mind has changed and you as a person have also changed, for the better.
You are not alone. You are part of a World Wide Community which is in just the same boat as you and what you do to improve you, you can pass on to help them.

The skill of Goal Setting can be used in relationships, job tasks, relationships with other people, how you dress and present yourself, confidence boosters and just about anything.
It costs you nothing to do, except the time you put into it and I guarantee you that it works 100%, because it was how I conducted my life and got me to where I am now. Richard

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