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I lost my virginity 4 shots of tequila and half a beer in on my childhood best friends bed. I had never met him before that night. We ended up alone listening to music in a dark room. He kissed me and I was so wrapped up in his kiss that I barely thought anything when he slid my pants off. we didn’t use a condom and I only briefly remember muttering something about my IUD. In a drunken wave of nausea, I realized what I was doing. I stopped him I think but to be perfectly honest I don’t remember anything much from that night. I lied to him about being a virgin. I think I really liked him but I kept him at a distance and he got bored of me and now we’re friends I think more for the fact that we never really began and we never really ended. I still think about him almost every day. I hope that I cross his mind sometimes.

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