I’m a straight guy, but I got touched on my semi hard crouch on accident(?) by a 10 year old boy as we were walking by each other a week ago. It was a quick rub but felt unusually long, and it really felt good and he aroused me to a point that I had to turn and kind of check him out. He was a soccer player and had nice petite but toned legs (omg!!! ) The arousal was so sudden and intense that I found myself thinking the same way during my puberty days when I first discovered girls. My hormones were flaring up so bad those days and I remembered jacking off pretty much every hour. Well, after his touch, had a throbbed hard on…. I then had to jack off…..about 4 times in a row, which I never did in 20 years. All after he touched me! I get throbbing hard just thinking about him and had a nice dream 2 nights before about doing him from behind while I scream like a port star girl. Of course I woke up with my shorts drenched in semen.

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  1. Anonymous

    You better go talk to a therapist and get some counseling before you end up raping a poor little boy and ruining his life forever.
    Read up on how much sexual abuse affects people.

    You typed this up as if there’s something to be proud of here. But, no. These urges are wrong and it will lead to something worse if you don’t get professional help.


  2. Anonymous

    Why did you put a ? after accidentally? Without a doubt it was on accident. It disgusts me that you’re questioning wether it was or wasn’t. No 10 year old would intentionally do that. What a messed up way to think. You need help NOW!


  3. Anonymous


    Glad you let it out. Good for you…thought you’d get a critic huh?

    I’m a practicing nun and I approve your confession….I’ve been on this site disgusted with some…it’s confessions like yours thats not beastly, from the heart, and make sense. We all have urges; even I do. The boy is a heathen for touching you. Ive had similar experiences with boys and even more prounounced urges. Thats for not fornicating for a while. Keep satisfying your urges this way my brother…it’s ok. God be with you


  4. Anonymous

    There are 10 year olds that would intentionally do stuff like this…along with looking up womens shirt. Can’t help if THEY are the ones “violating” you


  5. Anonymous

    I had a paper route where the house wife always wore her robe and nothing else. Funny thing is that the robe always seemed to slip open.


  6. Anonymous

    #9 that’s right. If he would have followed the boy and humped him again that wud b wrong. But he didn’t and he just fanasized…nothing criminal unless your a nazi. Then he posted here to confess…isn’t this site is what it’s all about?


  7. Anonymous

    when a women does lewd stuff people tend to not have there guard up as much as when a man does. I just think that’s stupid; from a woman’s perspective.


  8. Anonymous

    Just as he is allowed to confess, we are allowed to comment however we please.

    I’m just worried this could turn into something worse.

    And if a woman came in here, saying she masturbated while thinking of a young child, I would have the same response.


  9. Anonymous

    #12 your absolutely right. However I feel it is arrogant to “worry” that something “worse” can happen. All men are not animals. I know we hear on the news about horrific things but that doesn’t mean he’ll do it. No need for world police either. Free your mind!


  10. Anonymous

    #13, this isn’t even about the fact that he’s a man. I’m viewing him as a person. A human being that got off on thinking about a young child.


  11. Anonymous

    #13 it is more naive to assume that nothing worse will happen.
    #6 you are wrong. A 10 year old CHILD would not touch somebody on purpose. I can’t believe you even believe that. That’s a very unhealthy way of thinking.


  12. Anonymous

    Reread OP’s post. He was invigorated about having contact with the young boy. Even had a dream about having anal sex with the boy. What’s stopping him from going further to get back those same feelings?
    People get bored with fantasies. Sometimes it progresses to action.


  13. Anonymous

    #18, we’re not “policing” anything. We have absolutely no control over OP and what he does. We also don’t know for sure if he’s ever going to commit statutory rape. We’re simply expressing our feelings. And I just suggested that he look more deeply into his own urges about a young child by seeking counseling. He doesn’t have to listen to me as it is only a suggestion. I don’t think he wants to hurt anyone, but he /could/.

    And #19, no. This is the Internet and he posted on a confession site where people can submit comments. He should know what he was getting into.


  14. Anonymous

    I bet if this happens to any man they can most likely be aroused. It takes just a little rub for your dick to just take off. Like it or not at least he had the balls (no pun indended) to speak out. Fantasies happen.


  15. Anonymous

    know what else happens? murders in prison. Child molesters are at the bottom of the barrel even in prison society, and generally get killed/beaten as much as possible.


  16. Anonymous

    #22 he/she did not do anything criminal. Is this your way to scare the OP? You would think he/she would know that or did you think you were the only one that knows?

    #23 have you had that experience with prisoners?


  17. Anonymous

    10 year olds are not quite adults, but definately not babys. They can think for themselves. It could be possible that the boy had already been exploited before which explains why he may have possibly grabbed him out of curiosity. The OP kept his feelings to himself at the moment – with exception to coming here and blurting it out. I’d say keep these feelings towards yourself to not risk critism. Although I struck it odd that the critics here have obviously read the entire post, so there may be some interest in the subject one way or another. It may be that they’re wannabe cyber superheroes, or their closet molestors. As far as me, I found it totally out of the box and fascinating – not to say I agree with this feelings.


  18. Anonymous

    This thread needs to die already. I doubt the poster’s confession is even true. Sounds just like a post just to get people to react. He’s probably laughing as he’s reading all the butthurt comments.

    Ha. Butthurt.


  19. Anonymous

    #23 you think of prisoners like “heros” for beating up child molesters because you might have seen it in the news a couple times. In reality these same prisoners would definately SWARM after a 10 year old boy like the one op described if he hypothetically got smuggled in prison. They’d be in a huge line taking turns straight for this butthole; and then some. Thinking of that wouldn’t make the OP such a bad person, wouldn’t it?


  20. Anonymous

    #30, I agree with you. Also what about young offenders in their teens who winds up behind bars, kids that may not have done anything sexual, they usually ends up as somebody’s bitch.
    So, even though I was somewhat disgusted with what the OP wrote, the only thing he’s guilty of, is fantasizing about it. Obviously he should avoid this kind of behavior, but at least he has the guts to admit it.
    I’ve seen people confess to thoughts of murder on this site, but with barely a few respondents. But a guy confessing to having a FANTASY involving a young boy gets over 30?
    WtF?? Where the f**k are our priorities?


  21. Anonymous

    Hey, it’s not like the guy can control what turns him on. I don’t think anybody WANTS to be attracted to children. As far as I’m concerned, as long as he takes care of his urges BY HIMSELF and NOT perpetuate the sexual abuse of children (whether that be through actual assault or by participating in the circulation of child pornography,) then fap away. If that memory keeps your urges in check, use it as much as you need to.


  22. Anonymous

    If you end up experimenting with guys in the future, make sure they’re over 18. Getting turned on by 10 year olds is a little creepy, and probably embarrassing as well. But it’s not like humans can control what turns them on. Just please don’t act on your urges with a child.


  23. Anonymous

    He has the nerve to start off by saying he’s straight! LOL … okay, buddy, you keep thinking your straight. That’s a laff and a half.


  24. Anonymous

    I get being curious, but not with minors. I cant stop you from doing anything to that little boy. No one can. You want to make a little boy feel disgusting, ashamed, depressed, and suicidal? He’ll be so scared to admit something that he couldnt control to anyone, so he’ll just keep quiet. If so, go right ahead, no one is stopping you. Just know that you are ruining a life that has so much potential, and you may be the very reason that he ends it.


  25. Anonymous

    I was forced to perform lewd acts by a 10 year old boy and his 12 year old cousin when I was 7. I despise people who view kids as innocent little creatures who would NEVER do any harm. It’s a damn blatant lie. Just like how those boys denied and got away it when I told an adult. Once kids learn how to speak their minds and gain physical strength they are no longer innocent.

    On another note it’s okay for OP to fantasize if he so pleases. However because of the age gap and western society no longer forcing children to work as slaves, marry early and changing the legal age limit of sexual consent to 18-21.. I suggest you act out your fantasies on a doll.


  26. Anonymous

    Please for the love of god get help. Stop whatever the fuck you are doing and get help!!!!! The world does not need another pedophile! Stop!!! If you have a soul please stop! It’s sick get help !!!


  27. Anonymous

    try adult woman dude 😉 they are much better. boobies, soft curves, nice ass checks and don’t even get me started with their loving wet heavenly tight pussy.


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