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When I was younger, I used to show my genitalia to random boys online. I hardly remember anything and I was so, so young. I mean, ages.. I don’t know. 5? to.. 9? I’m not sure. I only remember two times of doing this and one time I got caught. I didn’t know what I was doing and I continued doing it anyway until I fell out of the habit. I used to lick my fingers and rub myself, that’s one of the only times.

What if I was recorded? I’ve told only one person before and we stopped talking years ago. I probably shouldn’t worry, and I guess I’m not, it’s just weird to think there might be a video going around of me playing with myself at a really young age. I was child porn.

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  • There was child porn on me out there, drove me crazy seeing it that way too. Break it down to “what if there is porn of me out there?” someone gets off on it. “What if someone is getting off on it?” well they have an orgasm. “What happens after they have an orgasm?” they move on to the next thing. Eventually it won’t feel so personal if you keep breaking it down b/c its just a body that they are looking at, not that its right but you got to keep moving forward for yourself. Facts, child pornography has been going on before your time and it will keep happening as long as people exist. There might not be anything on you out there either b/c its a huge risk storing child pornography.

    Anonymous December 19, 2014 6:07 pm Reply

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