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So it was way back in 2010 when i was 12 years old My mother father and my sister dropped me at my aunts house and departed for their trip my aunt took my bag out and showed me my room it was 12 PM and i went to sleep i woke up at 2 PM and found that i had wet myself my diaper leaked very badly it looked like if i had peed 3 or 4 times in it anyway my aunt found out and told me to get changed i took my clothes off and she returned after some while but when she returned she had a dry diaper in her hand (i was still in my wet diaper) and a skirt and a dress i asked her why did she bring these she said “I took your sister”s bag by mistake but now you will have to be a girl” i started to resist but it was no use i could not have stayed in diapers only i had to wear them it was difficult at first but after some days i got used to it and started to love it my aunt tried various dresses,Skirts,Tights,Bras on Me and she also tried different hairstyles on me she said that Pigtails suited me the most I enjoyed those days a lot when my mother found out she also bought me a lot of dresses and skirts and now my wardrobe is full of both girly and boyish clothes

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