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Ok so im 18, virgin and have ben feeling like REEEEAAALLY horny for the past few months, its like my body is telling me to do it now, that it’s time. I just am single af. Not only that, im really scared, its going to be my first time and I keep having second thoughts about it. But im still horny. I was thinking of getting a fuck friend of, seeing as i dont get a bf and i want my first time to be with someone i trust will take care of me. I was thinking of asking a friend of mine, who has experienced and I’m really close to, but i don’t want to ruin our friendship, i don’t mind if we get closer, as in gf and bf(if so, yipee, he’s cute and i like him but he lives far away) but i don’t want us to “do it” and then being awkward between each other.

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  • maybe you should just pay an escort for sex; just so you can get it over with. And yes I did it. Just to get it over with.

    Anonymous February 13, 2018 6:42 pm Reply

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