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I’m a 29 year old good looking, athletic guy with a degree in finance. I have a very kind heart though I’m not perfect in that regard. I suffer from debilitating anxiety and depression. Due to this, my career has been sidetracked and has been extremely erratic. I finally found a somewhat decent job after 2.5 years of not working and I’m starting at the bottom again with new college grads. I have never had a girlfriend and very few friends. All my friends growing up from High-school, university and even afterwards have ditched me. I truly hate them. I find it very difficult to keep girls interested in me more than a few seconds, although people tell me I have good social skills. Since I can’t get laid through normal means I resort to using hookers. But I don’t even like having sex with them most of the time, I enjoy them dominating me and treating me like a piece of garbage. I am in debt and I only recently got a job so I can’t even afford the hookers so I instead offer to be their “slave” and do things for them so that I can be in their presence and have them humiliate me. But I never really get my fix. Most of the times they don’t follow through. My goal is to hopefully be able to get a girlfriend and eventually get married one day. If that doesn’t work out, I’ll keep using prostitutes, perhaps commit to one and be her slave for life. Hopefully when my career picks up I will be making enough money in a few years to provide for such a scenario. This is where I’m at currently.

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