Today,I was feeling really depressed.I sat in my sisters room and I saw a razor she uses at her work,cause she cuts boxes.I took the razor and ran it across my arm.It felt good,I forgot about the pain that I was feeling.My mom came home and we got into another argument.I cut myself again and again..I dont know if i can stop now,but I dont know if I want to…

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  1. Anonymous

    don’t do it… please stop… You are hurting yourself without you knowing it. See a therapist/counselor or someone who you believe will help you. Life is too precious for pain and suffering… You have my support and I hope you make the right decision and not do anything stupid…

    I am here for you. Everything will be ok <3
    Anonymous Supporter xx


  2. Anonymous

    Cutting becomes addicting. At some point, it becomes a struggle, and what you were doing to feel better becomes your enemy. I’m an ex cutter, and it was very hard for me to stop. I have sliced my skin more than 200 times. It took a while, but in the end, I stopped. I consider myself a survivor. Don’t hurt yourself like I did. You’re probably going through something hard, don’t make it harder! Hold on, this too shall pass 🙂


  3. Anonymous

    Please…don’t cut again…I’ve been there and done that, and i would be lying if i said it wasn’t addicting because it is. I thought i was strong enough to stop, but i wasn’t…don’t make the same mistake i made, it hurts like hell later, and it only helps for that moment, it leaves you feeling ten times worse


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