• 2 weeks ago

Since a lot of these posts are pointing hate towards one another and it reminds me of a funny little story that happened in the first grade back in 1993. I am white and I had a black doll I took to school. I was proud of my baby. I was playing with her when two other white kids Ryan and Melinda came up to me. Melinda yells I hate Niggers!!! She slapped my doll out of my arms.the doll landed face first on the ground and the dolls dress came up exposing the dolls butt and Ryan laughed saying look at its butt! They walked away and I picked my doll up crying and when my sister that was in high school and her friend Elizabeth came to pick me up from school, Elizabeth offered to give us a ride to our house since she was coming over for a visit. I was bawling hysterically over what happened and when my sister asked what happened, I told her the story and I angrily spoke up and said, they are nothing but a bunch of bull bitches! My sister got onto me for the language and Elizabeth laughed so hard that her face turned as red as a stop sign and she swerved all over that road trying to drive us home and we only lived a short distance maybe 3 or 4 blocks from the school.