• 2 weeks ago

I want to murder a bitch for coming on my comment section of my posts mouthing me when I didn’t say anything bad about anyone. She was being ridiculous telling me to take down a post and that it wasn’t anyone’s business what went on between a couple of people. How can that be getting in someone’s business if you heard it from the horses mouth? I told a friend of mine that from what I’m understanding that the parents got the kids taken from them. I didn’t say it as a fact. I woke up at 3:54 a.m. yesterday morning and saw her comment that she left me 47 minutes before. 2 something in the morning? What the hell was she? Drunk? Sorry Miss Woods for offending your snowflake ass. You can’t tell someone to take down a post just because you don’t like it and guess what dumb bitch? You are the one commenting that you know the whole damn story. Well miss know it all. If you know the whole damn story then why have I been told by numerous people including the woman you think I’m talking shit about the story multiple times and it was always different from yours? All the hell my post was about was my daughter not being able to see her brothers due to adults problems and how I wished she could see them. I didn’t say for sure that the boys were taken away so why not mind your own business and tell someone else like your own self what to do cause I’m not going to let a little girl like you lady to tell me what the fuck to do. Period!