• 2 weeks ago

I just want a sign if you want to talk, because i straight up cut ties because that how i seen life. Do you know the story of Isis and Osiris when he was murdered she had to find the pieces of his body to see him one last time… To be honest i had chances to talk but would you actually listen because no one has and stuck me first chance they got. Im human flawed but not stupid. Put everything to rest or understand why. But why do people care im just the unwanted emotional support… I wished for the things normal people have even if i didn’t text alot the person i want to was you or anything…. But people expect you to be vulnerable im smart enough to keep the real me buried so i wouldn’t break. It broke me to pieces you didn’t see i was hurt you made it we were alike but a huge difference i didn’t want to lose you. But yea im a problem! I don’t deserve to be anything…. Without hurting anyone or be stupid. Why couldn’t you be honest if you didn’t care it would had hurt but you chose to give false hope. I bottle up or just distance to keep peace cause nowadays you can’t be honest without people want to fight to defend their wrongs even if that extreme wasn’t necessarily