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Also Also, though, I’m just saying no to marriage and kids, and strong commitment. that doesn’t mean I don’t get what I need. I don’t know what fucking planet you girls are from but I am the kind of guy, I don’t know what it is about me,it’s not a lot of women, but I always have at least 1 girl friend. Not a girlfriend, girl friend. I’m a fairly attractive man, I always have been, but when you have a girl friend and she trusts and respects, which might I add you also lose some of after a certain amount of time stuck to someone, it’s easy to get things. It’s doable. I get what I need, which I guess is not what everyone else needs. I am impotent, but I have a nice rock hard functioning cock too but for example I have a foot fetish. Do you have any idea how easy it is to get a woman who respects you to let you massage her feet? That’s all I need sometimes. Easy. And by massage I mean anything I want. I mean I can go into a zone and treat her feet like most guys treat a pair of tits. Smell, hands, kiss, mouth. I hate using the word because it’s stupid but “worship”. I don’t worship anything, but yeah. That’s really easy.

Fiends with benefits. That is easy. Sex is easy, I’m talking like the other shit which is expensive and probably going to be a failure and big pain in your ads in many ways. I’m saying be free and at the same time I don’t expect shit out of any woman I give my time to. She can do whatever she wants, as long as it doesn’t hurt me, like yeah, you go fuxk a friend I knew 20 years ago just because you were stalking me and you found them and now they’re mentally torturing me, yeah I might fucking kill her and put her body in a tree mulcher, but otherwise I don’t care. I won’t be hurt if I never see her again.

Somebody said “it’s easier to buy a house” well yeah, but it’s probably also a pain in the ass when one of you cheats or you hate each other’s faces after a year and need to separate. It’ll be a pain in the ass. Why not throw a home in there? To top of the fucking kids and the court and lawyers. Yeah.

This is choice based on experience. Stats like that, on top of what I’ve seen throughout my life…. I’m just surprised at the dislikes here. It’s truth. That article is real.

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