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To the individual posing as multiple people to try to make his/her point:
First, it’s ignorant to act as if only white women can be stalked. If I have to explain why, there is little hope for you.

Second, I never said you were male. I said you sounded like my male stalker. Reading is magic.

Third, you sound like you’re either a sad little incel or a desperate woman who sees possession as love (maybe a history of abuse has done this to you). Either way, I’m sorry that life did that to you.

Fourth, you assumed my gender. So, hypocritical much?

Fifth, the attitude that attractive men cannot be stalkers is highly alarming and not based in reality. Even attraction itself is not set in stone. Attraction grows as you start to like a person. Obviously, certain people are initially more attractive but that can also fade as a terrible personality appears.

Sixth, I have my own money. I worked my ass to have money.

Seventh, I have a boyfriend. He loves me and I love him. So I’m not worried about what any other guys think of me romantically.

To the individual taking the middle ground:
I respect your opinion on letting go and think you understand that when I said “refusing to let go” I meant harassment. The heart can sometimes never let go of love.

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