• 2 weeks ago

I went to a Lana Del Rey concert in Seattle with my ex wife and her best friend. We booked a couple nights at The Hundreds hotel and basically drank most the time. On the first night my now ex wife passed out early since she was a light weight. Me and her friend stayed up and room services more drinks and had a good night just bullshitting. We were kinda flirty the whole night. I would tell her how good she looked in her outfit and tell her she filled out the booty shorts better than anyone could. She would tell me she needs to find a guy like me to make her happy. We started winding down and she got undressed before hopping in her bed. I made it obvious I was looking and she noticed. I turned on the TV and laid back. She got up and came over to my side of the bed and sat on the floor by me. She asked me if I was single would I be with her and I said yes of course. I asked if I could kiss her for fun and she just leabed into me and kissed me without answering. She put her hand under my covers and grabbed my dick which was already hard. My wife’s still asleep. I moved closer to the edge and she pooped my dick in her mouth. I let her do that for a few had her come up all the way and lay on her side. She guided me inside her and I humped slowly and grabbed her tits. She would make me stop with just the tip in and squeeze on it while she moaned and then she would say “all the way” and have me slowly give her every inch. She asked if I was going to pull out and I asked if I should and she said ” probably but don’t” so I came in her. I had to try everything to not moan or shake too much with such an intense orgasm. She came halfway through me cumming and made me cover her mouth while she yelped a bit. She was out of breathe and looked at me and said “I love you ” to me about 20 times while staring at me. That caught me off guard but I said it back to her and she grabbed my dick and stroked it while saying it. After she got out of bed and went to the bathroom to clean up. My wife woke up shortly after and she wanted to fuck but I said her friend was up in the bathroom. She didn’t care and went for my dick and asked me why I had cum on it already so I told her I was jerking it while they slept. She wasn’t buying it then her friend came out of the bathroom naked of course and she was suspicious immediately. She proceeded to start having sex with me anyway in front of her friend as if to show her who the boss is. She was loud and wild and honestly I liked it. I fucked that friend and her at the same time a month later. I also fucked her other bestie randomly but that’s another story itself.