• 2 weeks ago

We traveled back home for a wedding . And of course there wasn’t much of choice for a hotel in a country area . The wife was against staying at the cheap local motel . So we ended up staying with the wife’s sister and brother n law . Luckily they had enough room for us to stay . So we watched our cousin get hitched for the second time . They even had a wedding reception . Really ? Caught up with the missed family bullshit . Thought the nights highlight was getting Tom ( brother n law ) back home . He out drank every one . Nope I was wrong . About midnight I needed to pee . While walking down the hallway I heard that very special noise coming from a spare bedroom . You know that squeaky bed noise with the headboard tapping the wall in perfect timing ? So I took a peek . Our son is ponding his Aunts pussy . She has her legs wrapped around him and thrusting back in perfect timing . Giving a slight moan of approval . So ? I’m thinking go Joel tap that pussy real good ! It wasn’t a waisted time staying with family . Least someone got laid ! I didn’t say a word . Didn’t want his mother to find out .