• 5 days ago

we went to the museum today with all our kids from our summer camp. he kept teasing me, brushing against me, squeezing my side, pushing himself onto me. he was looking for a spot we could go make out the entire time. i told him “can we go kiss” he says “men’s bathroom our friend can keep watch” i was iffy but i really wanted something so i said yes and he told our friend. they checked and the bathroom was clear. i went in first and waited for him. he came in and immediately started 2 kiss me in the stall. we made out and then he sat on the toilet and i knew what was happening bc i asked 4 it. i straddled his thigh and started riding it. he grabbed my hips and was moving me faster on his leg. no one was in the bathroom with us so i let myself make noise lightly moaning. he squeezed my ass and i brought his face closer to my chest. i moved his face away and i tell him to kiss me. we make out while im still getting off on his thigh. he pulls my hair, grips my hips again and snakes his hands up my shirt. his hands feels so big on my little body. i kiss him more and tug on his hair lightly moving my hips faster. i pull away and ask if we should go and he asks if i want to finish faster. i start to feel tired but he keeps moving my body on his leg. he takes one hand and starts rubbing my clit from behind. i moan even louder when i move back i can feel his fingers ever so slightly go inside me. he doesn’t want me getting too loud so he covers my mouth with his spare hand. i cant help it i keep moaning. he stops rubbing my clit and pulls my hair once more. i keep moving my hips trying to reach climax but ultimately fail. i get up legs shaking he looks at me and turns me around bending me over and pressed himself and his hard dick against me. reaching his hand in-front and starts fingering me. i was so overwhelmed but we heard people come in so i stood on the toilet and he stopped. we saw that as a warning sign and he left checking making sure no one was there and i followed quickly after. god that was so wild and risky i loved it. we haven’t done anything like that in a while so it was wonderful. i want to ride his bare thigh with no pants or panties on next time.