• 6 days ago

Boys making love in Key West! Well what did you expect?

Key West is the Faggot capitol. Plus it’s Gay Pride month! Do you think the police are going to arrest a group of gay teens for fucking and sucking on the beach? That would be soooo Homophobic, Anti-Gay, Prejudice, Hateful, Biased, Anti-LGBTQIA+++. You might as well throw in RAY-CIST too. How about Anti-Semitic just in case one of them was a Jew.

Anyway most of the Key West police are gay! They might join in, but they aren’t going to stop it. They don’t want a national incident, especially during Gay Pride month! Lambdalegal would have a field day. I can’t remember even seeing a cop in Key West.

Those boys were frolicking nude on the beach to display their Gay Pride. LOL! And to display their erect cocks too.

Hope you and your friends enjoy the video.