• 7 days ago

So around 2010, I met this cute girl online and we started hanging out. Somehow I must’ve done something right because she took a liking to me. One night, a friend of mine gave us some liquid GHB (so he said), so we decided to try it at my place. We hadn’t had sex yet, just made out a little. But were both horny as hell and ready to get naked and tear into each other. Right about the time I got her top off, she suddenly goes limp and passes out. And I mean, completely out. She was breathing fine and all, just deeply asleep. I still had a raging boner. So after trying to get her to stir for a while, I gave up. I propped her up in a sitting position and took some pictures of her tits from various angles, and then jerked myself off with my right hand while rubbing her tits with my left hand. Touching her body felt amazing. Although I kept her pants on, I rubbed and massaged her entire body from head to toe. I played with her breasts for an especially long time. They were fantastic, much more firm and perky than any I’d ever been allowed to touch before. I made sure to take many, many pictures. I was usually never the type of guy to attract beautiful women, so I couldn’t allow this golden opportunity to pass.

I don’t regret it one bit, because what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. And I honestly I could’ve done way worse. She was completely knocked out, and I have no doubt that I could have taken all her clothes off and fucked her right there on the couch without her waking up. Instead she got off easy just being felt up, which she has no idea ever even happened anyway.

And if anybody is wondering, we dated for a couple of months after that. I actually did get to fuck her the next time we hung out. She turned out to be kind of a dead fish in bed, but her pussy was really tight and she looked great naked, so that kinda made up for it I guess. Plus she had no problem letting me fuck her without a rubber, so that’s always a bonus. She always made me pull out though, which was a bummer, but she wasn’t on birth control so it was what it was.

A decent experience, nice boobies,
8/10 would molest again!

Hope y’all had a laugh at this bullshit.