• 1 week ago

Boys making love. I was just at Key West! OH! So disgusting. They have rainbow flags lining the streets. They have rainbow lines painted on the street at some intersections!

What is there to celebrate about sticking your penis up another man’s ass?
Why is the world compelled to ‘celebrate’ deviant sex? Do we celebrate bestiality? Do we celebrate BDSM?

So I was walking on the beach in the early evening and there were several boys making love. They looked like teenagers. Or was it a gang bang or a rape? The held down one boy while they took turns penetrating him and then he was sucking the cock of a another boy. Then two boys were sucking each other. Gee I hope those cocks were not just up someone’s ass hole!

So I just stood there and watched the show and they just kept right on sucking and fucking. Guess it must be legal during GAY Pride Month to have public sex on the beach, or is homosexual public sex legal all the time in Key West?

Two girls walked up and they stood and watched. I wondered if they were lesbians. They just watched, giggled and whispered to each other. Why did they need to whisper since it was the boys who were completely nude, sucking and fucking.

I thought about taking a few pics. Then I did. Reminders of my trip. Then the girls got the idea and took out their smart phones and got some video too. Lots of young cock flopping about, getting sucked and ramming in deep. I’m sure the girls enjoyed the show. Including the multiple climaxes squirting and spurting to the end.