• 1 week ago

You’re really a dipshit Prestonian. I mean, I know you are fake and not the real Preston Manzy. But I gave you the opportunity to meet face to face even if we just laugh and smoke a joint. But I’m about to leave Atlanta now, gonna drive to about Valdosta and crash for the night. Like I said, i needed time away from miami, and wanted my ass bred by some strange; cant go anyplace in south florida cuz the monkeypox. I’m juiced and loosed right now from all the thick cock; but ill write about it later, i gotta drive.

But “Prestonian”: you are a fakeass busta. I went to the rest area 213 northbound for almost 2 hours. Like i said, im on BBRT Squirt all them CORVALLUS is my NAME, BACKSNATCH is my game!