• 1 month ago

Had the day off yesterday. Picking up around the house . Getting close to lunch time . There was a knock at the door . Tommy looking for my son . Told him John had to work this afternoon . Then I said you wanna stay for lunch ? He replied sure. During lunch I don’t came over me . Looked at Tommy and said lets fuck. Tommy gave me a blank look . I replied you do know how to fuck ? He replied well yes . He had a worried look on his face . I replied it’s ok mommies like to fuck to . Oh come on it will be fun . Off to bedroom we went . We undressed each other and off to the bed . Starting making out . He was all over me . He knew what I wanted ! Stiff dick . Oh God he gave it to me . After he released he then raised my legs up and locking them up with his arms . Then He ponded my pussy real good . I thrusted back on his dick . We fucked like two kids in heat . His second release was like oh my fucking god . My head spun like a top. He moaned mommy pussy is great . He gently pulled out and rested next to me . Before he left I asked same time tomorrow ?