• 1 year ago

I can not stop to suck on and smell used slip liners (only those without blood) and masturbate. For me, they smell and taste so good and make me so extremely horny, I can just not resist. I even search for used slip liners in trash bins in bath rooms I visit. Sometimes I take all of them home with me, putting every single one that I can find in my underwear, even when I know, that if she would check her bin carefully, she would notice, something is missing. In my fantasy, a girl noticing me playing with her slip liners would confront me, push me down to the floor with force, sit down on my face and punish me by forcing me to eat her pussy until she comes multiple times. Using me like any sex toy. Being used like this by a beautiful girl, is the best sexual thing that I can imagine. I sometimes love the feeling knowing the taste and smell of girls I am hanging around with but they don’t know, that I literally sucked their slip liners and then ejaculated on them in their bath room a few minutes ago. Why am I like this? I know it is a bad thing and disrespectful even when I always think of her while masturbating with her slip liners, imagine how I eat her pussy with so much passion and make her feel so good, just doing it to experience her joy of beeing treated so nicely. When I get extremely crazy, I even imagine, how she would enjoy to force me to drink her piss while she is riding my face. Talking nicely but commanding to me, that I have to drink. Seeing her smile down on me and moan, relaxing, while she is further pushing her pussy on my open mouth and slowly filling me up with her piss until she is done. I am just her toy and she is allowed to do all this to me.
I try to stop doing such things but it is a real addiction. If I don’t do it for some months but then get a chance at a bath room where there is a box of slip liners visile, I am literally starting to shiver from excitement and can not resist to look in the bin. If then she is of the sort using slip liners every day and I can find some without blood, I completely loose myself and lick and suck them until they are completely clean again. This beautiful yellow line indicating, where few drops of her piss and her pussy juices got into the slip liner just overwhelms me and I have to suck it all up. Best is, when they are still a little bit wet so it is only few hours or probably even minutes when she changed her slip liner. Something that does me so good is not possible to stop myself from doing it. But I am not proud of it. I wish, I would not have this fetish.