• 2 weeks ago

I was in Houston Texas for work in 2009 for several weeks throughout the year. I used to frequent the adult theaters being a good little cock whore allowing anyone to breed me. The filthier the place the better. The filthier the men the better. Then came the day.

I was staying in center city at a nice hotel and went running after work one night in my skimpy running shorts. I was to meet a friend in memorial park but to get there I had to run along an old water runoff canal. It was very overgrown and crossed under several highways over passes. I was running along and came to the highway over pass and there were tons of beer bottles, drug stuff and several old mattresses laying in the dirt. I stopped for a bit surveying the area and then ran on through to meet my friend. We ran a few miles at the park and then ended up talking on a park bench until dusk. Crap I said that I had to get back before it got dark. He offered to drive but I told him I’d be ok.

I began to run back on the path and when I came to the area I could hear men talking. It was a homeless guy hangout for the night to stay out of the rain and weather. I walked up slowly and they all froze thinking I was a cop of something. They were smoking weed, doing drugs and drinking and I just turned my head and walked through. A few of them whistled at me and called me hot. I got past them, started to run and when I turned the corner back onto the trail I ran smack dab into a large black man taking a piss in the bushes. He turned around holding his massive cock in his hand. I didn’t say a word but looked down and stared. He laughed and said if I stared to long I might as well suck it. I got flustered and ran off back to my hotel. In the shower, all I could think about was his cock and struggled with the thoughts about going back. The fear of it all. I climbed into bed and started to jerk off but could not get it off my mind. I had enough so I got up and put my running cloths back on. Grabbed a small flashlight at the drug store and headed back in to the trail. As I approached the area I saw them all sitting around. I was timidly walked out in front of them and just stood there paralyzed with fear. Finally, they noticed me and the black guy came over and said “look what we have here, you shouldn’t have come back boy”. With that 6 other guys surrounded me and ripped my clothes off, bent me over and before I could say no, I had a cock shoved down my throat and one up my ass. I tried to get away but the big black guy grabbed my hair and dragged me to the mattress. He shoved a whisky bottle in my mouth and told me to swallow several gulps…my stomach was now on fire. He began to shove his cock down my throat balls deep until I was gasping for breath. Then he pulled out and shoved the whiskey bottle in my mouth again. The whole place began to spin. I could barely stand and when I tried to run away I just stumbled and fell. They dragged me back to the dirt and several stood around me. I thought they wanted me to suck them but then I guy went balls deep down my throat and began to piss. It was injected down my throat and I could do nothing but swallow it. All of it. Then he threw me back to the ground and two guys began to piss all over me as they laughed. I got really sick and stumbled away to puke my guts up in the bushes. When I was finally dry heaving they grabbed my legs and dragged me back to the mattress, held my legs open and raped me over and over. Violently and I was too weak to resist. Then one guy pulled me on top of him and had his cock inside me. I felt another man come up behind me. OMG he was going to fuck my ass as well. His cock slid in alongside the other guys and I thought my ass was going to tear. I cried out in pain but soon my piss soaked under wear were shoved in my mouth. I could feel every thrust as they bred me over and over. All of them. I began to black out after 6 or 7 guys. I came in and out of consciousness.

I woke up the next morning to guy’s pissing on me to wake me. I shot up from the burning in my eyes and tried to stand but something really hurt inside me. Holy fuck there was something inside me. Something very large. They all laughed and just said “this buds for you”. I waddled off and tried to force it out. It hurt like hell. I stuck my finger in and felt the bottom of a beer bottle. OMG they shoved an entire beer bottle up my ass until my ass collapsed around it. Finally, I just grinned and pushed it out. When it popped out and on the ground all sorts of bloody cum leaked out of my now destroyed gaping ass. I had no way of holding it back. I cleaned myself up as best I could and walked back to the hotel in piss soaked cloths all covered in dirt.

Vowing to never do that again. The only problem is I went back the next trip, and the trip after that.
I had to go to work the next day and every time I sat down my ass ached and i thought about how hungry they were and how they treated me like a worthless piece of meat….

a few months later I was back. This time I hid a second pair of cloths down the trail a bit and a gallon of water to wash up with so I wouldn’t look so disgusting when I came back to the hotel.

I came up on the area again and I saw them all sitting around and hanging out….I had a small bottle of whisky and took several long swigs and felt the burn in my stomach. I wanted to run away but I was paralyzed standing there. fuck or flight!….I stripped down naked and walked up to them…then I turned and went over the the mattress..the one guy recognized me…he came over and grabbed my hair and pulled me to his cock…they all came over and I sucked them off…then they pulled me up on my feet but I was now woozy from the booze…they bent me over and a guy plowed me up my ass as another skull fucked my throat…It was not as rough as last time or maybe this time I knew what to expect. I could feel their anger and frustration with how their lives turned out with each thrust..it was like they were saying “fuck you” world….I did notice this guy sitting off to the side not wanting to join in no matter how much they egged him on…when they were done one of the guys went to him and pulled him over. I heard him say that he didn’t want to because he had some disease…the guy just laughed and said well then its your turn to go last….I freaked out as he pulled his pants down but they held me there on my knees…he stood before me..some guy lit a lighter and I saw it! His cock was oozing puss and was filled with open sores…fuck no!!!but they held my head as he slide it in my mouth….it tasted foul…he was raping me with a diseased cock…he suddenly turned into and animal telling me I was just like the fag that gave him this disease….then he pinned me to the mattress and shoved his cock in my ass…over and over….I finally felt him cum…he pulled out relieved and rolled away…I went to get up but they took me to the piss area and put me back on my knees…time to clean the fag off and they all stood in a circle and pissed all over me…..I left before sun up…washed up put the hidden cloths on…back to the hotel and then to work the next day….the clap and some antibiotics and I was ready for my next trip.

The Prestonian aka The Manzoneer nka Presto Breedo