• 2 weeks ago

Once when I was 11 I had a sleepover with a little boy, he was 12. We both went to his treehouse to use his mom’s Facebook account to play some online game on her laptop. We found a comment with a link, and we clicked on the link, it took us to a video, it was one of those porn websites with scuffed design, it was a video of a woman covered in blood and wax, her hands were tied behind her back and there was a knife on the floor. I could hear maybe three voices and one of the people in there held her head up aggressively — I suppose it doesn’t matter how they were holding her head, she was dead — and stuck their fingers inside her eyes, they pulled her eyeball out and it was hanging by the rectus. Then they fucked her and hammered her head, I watched her brain splashed on the floor. We watched the whole thing mortified, we promised never tell anyone about it. Since that day my friend had constant panic attacks at night, and severe nervous breakdowns. We grew and now at 15 we got together to talk, he was destroyed, he said that ever since we watched that video he begun masturbating to gore and every time he finishes he has panic attacks. He takes Xanax and smokes a lot of weed. I feel pity, after that night I had normal sleep, and kept going with my days unfazed, I’m not sure if maybe my interest in BDSM might come from that or its just something that I have, but either way, weird time.