• 7 months ago

I got all kinds of crazy stories from online dating. Some of the craziest shit I’ve ever seen, my dudes.

How crazy?

How about stalker of 5 years crazy? How about fucking catfishes all over the place bullshit? They’re are scam artists out there, this I know. But today I ran into the strangest catfish. She tried to pose as a super wealthy Korean supermodel-type, then revealed today it was all just a scam. My guess is: it was for kicks. Boredom, maybe? Just wanted attention that badly. So sad we live in a world where people feel that shitty about themselves that they have to lie even to get a lick of attention.

It’s fucked up, dude. Just be who you are! You deserve the attention you crave! But you can’t get love from an external source to satisfy. You gotta supply your own!