• 2 months ago

Can’t even think at work today. met a younger guy at a gay bathhouse around a month ago he fucked me in front of other men that were watching. been lying to my wife about going in early to work when i have been meeting him for sex at a park near me. i am 46 he is 19. all except for the oral it has been protected sex until yesterday. i know the risks and i am married but yesterday we drove to the park maybe it was the muggy heat but he was fucking me in my back seat we were breathing heavy and i had him stop i pulled the condom off he asked if i was sure i said yes and he went back in and it was completly dark but then i felt him cum in me and we were kissing and i started to cum. i am on a cloud today and i am glad i let him give me an anal creampie. we both were out of breath and i just layed there for a bit feeling his cum dripping out of me. i feel so sexy. no plans on leaving my wife but i love having sex with him and have no plans on stopping. he fucked my brains out.