• 2 weeks ago

When I was in graduate school at Valdosta State University, I was dating a MILF named Sheree. Good looking, nice body, great 35c breasts with rock hard nipples. Sheree would lick, kiss and suck my c o c k without hesitation, but she never would let me finish in her mouth. She would always have me pull out of her mouth and either finish on her breasts, or put it in her p u s s y and finish there. One weekend when her kids were gone and we were plsying, i tied her naked to her bed and enjoyed using her, then stood over her with my c o c k in fer mouth letting her tease me with her tounge and sucking it. I also did some throat f u c k i n g in her throst and I felt my self get close and I pulled back to where just the head was in her mouth. Sheree knew what was about to happen and was trying to shake her head “NO” as i swelled and csme very hard in her mouth. I left the head in her mouth until she decided to swallow my c u m . Afterwards, she said “that’s not so bad” and from then on she swallowed every time. 3 years of great head!