• 2 weeks ago

Back in the teenaged years my new girlfriend (15) was a virgin and wouldn’t even touch my dick while her bff(15) was giving her boyfriend(16) head in the back seat.
I asked Wendy,(not so pretty) if she would give me (16) a blowjob since she gave John one and Becky wouldn’t do anything but let me feel her tits. She sucked me off out the drivers door. That pissed Becky off and John further pissed off a pissed off Becky groping her tits cheering Wendy on. I came in her mouth and totally pissed off Becky pulled me out of the car and about demanded that I fuck her virginity. I fucked her hard bent over the hood of the Chevy while the other two cheered us on and mauled her tits. She was very much a virgin and I felt her rip open for my cock. Only seconds after I pulled out after cum blasting her John fucked her for sloppy seconds that she didn’t really want. We all kind of ghosted her after that. Very glad that she didn’t get pregnant since we didn’t use condoms.