• 2 weeks ago

Yesterday had plans with my besty JoAnn . We had planed a one on one wifey afternoon . Fingering , licking and sucking each other’s breasts . Time went fast . Guess who caught us ?
JoAnn’s husband walked in on us . Asked if he could join in . JoAnn looked over and said let him make me a cream pie to lick on . I replied sure . He took position and mounted me . I could feel his cock penetrate me . I gave a moan . He started thrusting . I looked up at him told him to fuck me hard . I pulled him down and we started kissing . I felt his load fill my pussy . I whispered in his ear how good his dick was . He then pulled out and JoAnn took over and licked the fresh cream pie from my pussy . He then came up along side of me . We went back to kissing and he played with my breasts . While we were kissing I looked at him and asked him to fuck me again . JoAnn looked up and replied you want his dick again and we both smiled at each other . Few minutes later I looked at Tom told him I was ready .