• 2 weeks ago

Just returned from a business trip from Jamaica with my husband . We stayed at one of the local golf resorts. One night at dinner Jim told me that he noticed one of the bellhops was eyeing me up . He said you should give him a treat and a memory for him . I replied right ? Then while out shopping one afternoon . I caught him eyeing me up not once but twice . Jim gave me permission ? I did hear rumors about Jamaican men with huge cocks . Looked at this bellhop and said would you like to carry my shopping bags back to our room ? He said yes . Off to our room we go . Before he left he said you need anything else ? I replied yes told him this was my last day here and we only have an hour . Before Jim returns from lunch . His eyes lit up he knew what I wanted. That afternoon I experienced my first black cock . Yes it was huge and long . He took me twice. Afterwards being fully worn out he gotten dressed and left . I just laid there naked on the bed . Jim returned about ten minutes later . My legs still wide open . Looked at him and said check out my Jamaican bellhop cream pie . He just smiled and asked how was it ? Replied oh about 10 inches , good 3 inch girth .