• 2 weeks ago

My downstairs neighbor was being a little loud last night which I thought was weird, he usually never makes any noise and is very polite and shy. I decided to go downstairs to find out why he was being noisy and started to make out that the noises were female moans. I sneakily made my way towards his room and wanted to see if I could make out what exactly was going on (even though I had a pretty good idea) and heard some girl begging for him to shoot his load on her face! I was both shocked and surprised because I didn’t know he was seeing someone let alone emptying his balls onto their face! I was getting extremely curious and tried to open the door without making any noise and was expecting it to be locked but it opened a peak and what I saw was him sitting on top of his bed watching porn on his tv. I looked over at him and he hadn’t noticed me peeping in on him, to my surprise the noise I was hearing was porn and I guess his headphones weren’t plugged in properly or something (I don’t really get technology i’m 48) but he clearly had no idea that I could hear everything coming from his porno. I didn’t want to yell at him and be mad because he was a very nice man and was stressed out all the time (he works two jobs) I also didn’t want to ruin his fun and honestly was getting kind of turned on from watching what was going on only 15 feet away from my eyes. Thats when it happened though, I made a noise holding on to the door at first I thought he didn’t hear it but I noticed he stopped moving and slowly turned his head towards me. I was absolutely stunned like a deer in headlights and couldn’t move. We looked at each other for what seemed like forever and then he finally spoke, “sorry but do you mind?” I gathered up my courage and walked into his room and sat right beside him on his bed and asked if he was willing to let me watch. His face said it all and I knew he was so flabbergasted