• 2 weeks ago

Once, when I was at doctor for an annual physical, I ended up exposing myself to a nurse, receptionist, and female friend of mine from high school. I was wearing a flimsy gown that opened in the front. i intentionally didn’t overlap the left and right sides before I tied the cloth belt ends together. I thought it’d be “fun” or “risky” if I got a hard-on and it popped out! The nurse asked me to follow her into the hallway to get my height/weight. I stood on the scale with my back to the wall. She was adjusting the weights and reading the scale. I felt my cock start to grow and the head of my penis peek out from beneath the gown. Then, another nurse came down the hall with a patient, and I knew her from high school! She said hi and we started to chit chat, my hard-on popped straight out from the gown but nobody had noticed yet. Her nurse was directing her to the receptionist for payment. My nurse was asking me to stand up straight, hands at my sides, back against the wall to measure my height. When she moved from one side of me to the other, she brushed against my hard-on, looked down and said “oh my, sorry!” and then added “don’t worry, it will be just a couple seconds more, just stand still” as she took my height measurement and wrote it down. I stood there with my hard-on fully exposed, sticking straight out from the gown, she had seen it, and my friend and the receptionist were looking right at it while I stood there! My friend said “well, it was nice SEEING you!” and they all laughed. My nurse said something to me once we were back in the examining room like “we’re all adults” just dismissing that everyone had seen my genitals!