• 1 week ago

being a married bisexual man can be tough when you are seeing another married man. i mean we have fucked in his car mainly at night in abandoned buildings or parks and truck stop showers. but him and his wife needed a new vehicle and today he told me its an suv with dark tinted windows in the back. my wife was at work and we met at a local park. i sat in his suv until i did not think anyone would see me get in the back. we both got naked and his front windows are not tinted so he parked facing some bushes. cars were driving by and i think one car noticed it rocking back and forth and it took everything for me to be quiet as he fucked me. one car stopped and he had his dick inside of me and we thought the guy in the car could see so he stopped until the car drove off. i have been seeing him for a couple months and this was the first time we had sex in public in the middle of the day and my heart was pounding afraid we were going to get caught but we did not. i am pretty sure the other people there figured out what was going on but that was exciting.