• 2 weeks ago

i will never admit this to anyone even if my wife would find out i am bisexual but the married man i am seeing gives me rim jobs and i have multiple orgasms. we met in the parking spot we normally meet this morning but i drove an suv with tinted windows and i have been seeing him for a few months now and this was not the first time but i seen he had whipped cream and i knew it was for a rim job. i was totally nude and he shot it up inside me and then i felt his tongue in me. i was bent over his backseat and i think i came four times. i have zero in common with him he is half my age but while we were having sex a few weeks ago i was not hard and i actually had no idea he was into it until he was licking my ass then he seen me get hard and kept going down further until he put his tongue inside of me. then the heavy breathing and cumming. it is probably the most intimate and erotic thing i have done with anyone including my wife. i have actually tried to stop seeing him but the rimming is why i keep cheating on my wife. i love feeling the cream melt and him licking all of it off me including directly between my legs. after i cum and i feel him licking and sucking i get hard again. then like this morning i was so relaxed from cumming he got behind me to fuck me and cum in me again and the wetness from the whipped cream helps reduce the soreness from the anal. the rimming sends me into a sexual frenzy bliss. yes i am a man and i love it.