• 2 weeks ago

I like using my hairbrush handle up in my pussy. I can’t have a vibrator because I live with my father who is a strict nutcase. I like to try other things and experiences. So last Halloween I used a gourd that we got for decoration. It had this really nice handle on it and a rounded bottom. I worked it in and I managed to get the whole thing up inside me. I thought it ripped me open but it was just the feeling because I wasn’t bleeding or nothing.

I like cucumbers but father doesn’t buy them very often. I make him salads with cucumber so he will get them at the grocery store. When I go to the store with him I always pick out a huge fat one and slip it in the cart. He thinks it’s for salad. It is, but it visits my bun first. It’s way better than the thin handle of my hair brush. I tried other things too like plastic bottles. I like the pain of being stretched open and then I rub my clit while my bun tries to contract but can’t because I’m stuffed. I’d love to get one of those inflatable dildos that you put up in and then pump it up bigger and bigger. I’d inflate it as much as I could stand and then give it an extra pump or two, just to see how much pain I can take. I wish I could find better things to force me open.