• 2 weeks ago

It was a stupid crazy night. My little sister had 3 friends over for the day and a sleepover. Just as I started the grill for dinner mom got called into work. She had to go and it was pretty much to late to call the get together quits. I called my girl and she agreed to join us instead of going to the party as we planned. We held off dinner until she could join us. All the girls were 12 and 13. Me and my girl were 16. Danelle was over within an hour and the other girls took to her instantly. Dani and I had drinks and a little smoke on the side. We let the girls share some wine coolers. It was after dinner was cleaned up that some how “Truth or dare” got offered up as something to do. It was my lil sister who suggested it. We have been fooling around for about a year secretly. No fucking yet. So there I was getting ganged up on by all these cute girls and their truths and dares. Then not long after I got talked into undressing, we were all naked except for Rachel who left her panties on since she was having her period. Truth or dare was forgotten. Since my sister fibbed, Dani seemed to be the only girl to have seen a guys cock. All of them watched her play with me and then suck on me. The girls all took turns trying it. It turned into an orgy with the girls all doing each other and my constant hard on center stage. Rachel wasn’t left out. She must have come a zillion times before her body was to sensitive. Dani and I had sex so they could watch and kind of help. Then Katie wanted to feel me inside her sweet and tiny virgin pussy, followed by Beth’s and supposedly, my sisters. Wink wink. Beth was especially lovely and I fucked her the most after Dani. We made a huge pile in the room and slept. They all ate pussy, sucked breasts and swallowed my cum. We all dared to pee on each other but it never happened.