• 4 days ago

I went on a road trip the other day to the mountains and it was awful. with a bunch of old cunts who were so annoying. I swear they are drinking more alcohol these days and coming home they are always so drunk and I don’t drink. I just didn’t enjoy it at all. The people were terrible to talk to. One old duck was a slut from SRusso job network and was she a fake and wired in little bot-robot of a thing. She though the sun shined out her own asshole. I had the misfortune of having to sit next to the old beast and I didn’t like her bitching on about dole bludgers when her generation actually have a lot to answer to as to why the workplace problems exist and their bullying and abuse on younger generations. My god , did she think she was a god that shits or what!!!! what an ego and no wonder her husband left her. dried out old drunken prune she was. Then there are these toxic positive people know alls from england. Hon its a shame you didn’t stay there and get your tongue and fanny cut off with all the willies because just cuz you want to sugar coat the world and live in your false narrative of toxic positivity doesn’t mean the rest of will. I always find old fucks the worst at toxic positivity cuz they need it with death around the corner cuz they are so old and past it more then the rest of us.