• 2 weeks ago

My husband been gone now about two years now . Last night out of no where . My son’s best friend called me and asked me out to dinner . Took me to a local Mexican restaurant. Talked awhile. Few extra drinks. On the way home ( guessing it was the extra few drinks ) I asked if he was in a hurry ? He said no why ? Then came out of my mouth I told him I haven’t been with anyone in three years . Can we get a motel room ? He looked at me and said if that’s what you want ? We stopped at the local motel . And I rented a room . We went right to it . Undressed and jumped into the bed . He did say that he wasn’t prepared for this and didn’t bring any protection. I just looked at him and said that’s ok I’m past that stage in life . We don’t need any . Then I had forgotten about young cock . He mounted me . I thought I was 17 again . After his second round I’m thinking thank god . No, he raised my legs over his shoulders . And ponded me a third time. He then pulled out and rested next to me . I’m looking up and saying to myself Honey I know you been watching and I sure needed this .